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Zhi Likang was invited to attend the 7th Shanghai International Private Health M


From April 12 to 14, 2019, the 7th Shanghai International Private Health Management and Medical Customization Service Exhibition, the Shanghai International Cross-border Medical Industry Exhibition and the International Summit were held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center as scheduled, with an exhibition area of 16,000 square meters. 120 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions participated. A number of mainstream media at home and abroad participated in the follow-up report.

Shanghai Zhilikang Family Health and Safety Management Center was invited to attend. The exhibition attracts many companies including National Tourism Administration, International Hospital Group, Private Specialized Clinic, Private Health Management Agency, Medical Beauty Agency, Anti-aging Medical Agency, Medical Health Tourism Agency, Health Management Agency, International Medical Equipment Company, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, International Airlines, International Medical Insurance Company. High-level representatives of government agencies, eco-tourism real estate, pension real estate and other institutions in the Health Industrial Park actively participated in the meeting. International exchanges and business opportunities will be expanded from five aspects: health management, precision medical treatment, cross-border medical treatment, rehabilitation medical treatment and equipment.

Shanghai Zhilikang Family Health and Safety Management Center is an Exhibition Center of Family-based Precision Health Management Science and Technology, which is invested by Shanghai Zhilikang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and jointly built by Yiyi Clinic Co., Ltd. with Huisuo Biology and Zequan Farm. The experience center focuses on three representative stages of health management: children's growth, parents'care and elderly health. Combining the basic knowledge of genes and cells, genetics and functional medicine have made breakthroughs to the forefront of scientific research, which systematically demonstrates the scientific concept of modern precise health management. We have introduced our business model in detail from various aspects. Together with our counterparts, we have actively tapped potential partners and enhanced our visibility in the industry.

                     Representatives of exhibitors presented their industrial advantages at the conference.
Exchange between Jilikang booth and booth

During the exhibition, Zhi Likang introduced to the participants a series of effective products of functional medicine health management system (human phenotype testing, health assessment, health intervention, follow-up tracking), comprehensive evaluation of gene testing (genome-wide testing, family censorship, chronic diseases and disease management, nutrition and anti-aging), etc. Solutions include cooperation with overseas wealth management and insurance companies, combined with our front-end genetic testing, functional medicine, early screening of tumors, and the overall product design of Likang, as a closed-loop service chain to educate and integrate customers; follow-up configuration of advanced products, including life insurance, serious illness, education base Gold, personal or corporate wealth management, and overseas medical care for high net worth people. In-depth exchanges with the teachers and colleagues who came to the meeting. In order to solve the actual needs of customers from a comprehensive point of view, rather than just product sales. We are willing to cooperate with more customers and make a contribution to the health industry.

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