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Anti-aging Therapy and Health Care Upgrade the Health Quality of Your Family Lif


Through the analysis of anti-aging gene detection, cell analysis and body scanning, personalized intervention program is formulated to supplement suitable antioxidants to reduce the production of free radicals, so that the body can maintain a better intelligence, physical strength and mental state within the lifespan determined by genetic factors.

Cell analysis:

The bioavailability of 20 minerals and trace elements and 14 toxic metals (environmental toxins) was determined by direct measurement of subcutaneous viable cell tissues, and a further intervention or treatment proposal was given to individuals quickly.



1. Hormone therapy:

According to the results of biochemical quantitative testing of hormones in serum of men and women and the genotypes of hormone metabolism, the ability of hormone metabolism was evaluated, and personalized hormone intervention program was formulated to guide women to prevent diseases such as uterine fibroids, breast fibroma and premenstrual syndrome, and to guide men to prevent symptoms such as prostatic hypertrophy and sexual dysfunction. 。

2. Immunocytotherapy:

Immunocytotherapy is a hotspot in medical research in recent years. Immunocytotherapy is a new technology after chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy in cancer treatment. It is one of the most promising methods for malignant tumors.

Using biotechnology and biological agents to cultivate, increase and modify human immune cells in vitro, a large number of more active anti-cancer immune cells can be formed. Re-transfused into the body, to stimulate and enhance the body's autoimmune function, so as to achieve the purpose of cancer prevention and treatment of tumors; at the same time, by replenishing fresh immune cells to the body, promote the renewal and replication of body stem cells, help the body cells quickly update, make the body full of vitality, prolong the life cycle.

3. Stem cell therapy:

Stem cell therapy is the most advanced biotherapy technology nowadays. Stem cells are a kind of multi-potential cells with self-renewing ability, also known as origin cells and multipurpose cells. They are a kind of cells with self-renewing and differentiation potential. Stem cells are widely used in many fields of medicine. Scientists have been able to identify, isolate, purify, amplify and cultivate human embryonic stem cells in vitro, and use such stem cells as "seeds", which are widely used in many fields such as cancer treatment, chronic disease intervention, sub-health regulation, cosmetic anti-aging and organ transplantation.

Stem cell health care can comprehensively improve metabolism, enhance immune function, restore skin luster and elasticity, improve sleep quality, improve energy and memory.

Stem cell health care plays a very good role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, and will become the gospel of human health and longevity.

Stem cell efficacy

Improve the endocrine system and regulate body balance.

Improve reproductive and urinary systems and enhance sexual performance.

Improve the skeletal muscle system to make you stronger.

Improve the cardio-cerebrovascular and make the heart younger.

Improve the digestive system and make your body more relaxed.

Improve the respiratory system and enhance lung vitality.

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